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Aug 29, 2013 4:00am PDT
half of texas a&m's season opener this saturday. the ncaa and the school saying there was no evidence the 20-year-old quarterback was paid to sign autographs but, quote, said this. ncaa rules are clear that student athletes may not accept money for items they sign, and based on information provided by man zeal, that did not happen in this case. nevertheless, the punishment caught the attention of late night comics. >> he's being punished for 30 whole minutes. well, if that doesn't send a message, nothing will. >> jay, jay, getting in on that. >> it's true, though. 30 minutes. >> so a little bit of heat, man zeal did. also heat to talk about. >> yes, and a lot of heat. it's continuing in areas that have been seeing a lot of heat. mostly through the midwest where it's going to remain up around 100 degrees today when you factor in the humidity. out west, though, things are mostly quiet. we still could really use some help from mother nature for the firefight out near yosemite but it does look like it's going to stay dry with dew points and humidity levels very low. we have rain continuin
Aug 13, 2013 4:00am PDT
said. >>> now espn saying texas a&m quarterback johnny manziel got paid $7,500 to sign 1500 items. the ncaa is investigating if johnny football violated rules. >>> yu darvish dominates in texas, a no-hitter through seven innings. but then houston's carlos corporan gets a home run. for the second time since april, houston spoiling a darvish perfect game. he still gets the win with 15 strikeouts. texas, 2-1, there. >>> oakland's last-minute trade for alberto colapso. the a's down one and then hits in two runs. they pull the fat out of the fire. oakland over toronto. >>> hey, you know, i'm a four-time mvp, two-time champion, gold medalist. why not president of the nba players association? miami's lebron james was considering that but decided no because he can't give 100%, he says. i heard james is now considering the job of king of the world. >>> take you to flight school now. clear the wood. old man on deck. jeans on. who is that? 50-year-old michael jordan with the dunk. what do you think? comeback? >>> i'm a big niners fan but would i do this? probably not. look at this lawn here.
Aug 2, 2013 4:00am PDT
goes, yesterday was very warm in the desert. texas was hot. salt lake was hot. we just got hdone with one of or hottest. a little rain left over in northern portions of idaho. that's about it. a few sprinkles today in seattle. that's a lookbe cooler because of the clouds. weekend forecast coming up. >> coming up. get ready to get out there for some of you folks in the west. >>> coming up, a rare eruption in yellowstone to tell you about. plus, anthony weiner opening up just a bit about his alter ego. >>> welcome back to "early today." >>> according to secretary of state john kerry, the u.s. is hoping to end drone strikes in pakistan in the near future. in his remarks to a pakistani tv station thursday, kerry said, quote, it's going to be very, very soon, end quote. >>> anthony weiner cannot seem to escape his sexting alias carlos danger. in a televised interview, wiener said the name was simply a joke in his personal life but rival mayoral candidate reverend eric salgado called the name very insulting to the spanish community. >>> italy's supreme court upheld a tax fraud charge for si
Aug 8, 2013 4:00am EDT
floodwaters. >>> it's stormy across a big part of the country. severe storms around the texas panhandle. scattered showers from south dakota to minnesota. thunderstorms for much of the east coast. and in the west, from new mexico, to colorado. >> mostly 80s in the rockies. 70s in the upper midwest. 90s in t the southeast. 80s from boston to atlanta. >>> still ahead, a star-studded dispute. which actor left the movie set because he wasn't getting $3 million for less than a week of work? >>> plus, an international manhunt is under way, after investigators say a teenage girl was abducted from her own home. this morning, the plea from her father. >>> and reducing the risk of dementia. what doctors are saying about a connection between alzheimer's and your blood sugar level. >>> and welcome back. a new day brings new trouble for another megabank. this time, jpmorgan chase. the biggest u.s. bank says it's facing a criminal probe by the justice department over bad mortgages. it admits that investigators have concluded that the bank violated securities laws. this comes just one day after we lea
Aug 1, 2013 4:00am PDT
for speeding in texas. he had a gun with him. it happened about 25 miles east of dallas. zimmerman told the officer he had a gun in his life compartment and that he was going, quote, nowhere in particular. the officer told zimmerman to slow down and released him with a warning. texas state law allows people to carry a gun in a vehicle as long as it is not in plain view. zimmerman's attorneys posted a tweet in response to the news saying they are working to protect his privacy. last month he was acquitted in the shooting death of trayvon martin. >>> at least a half dozen members of congress head to the white house today to voice their concerns about the government's massive surveillance program. this after a new bombshell from the nsa. nbc news capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell has all the details. >> reporter: it's a brief new look inside the secrets of the nsa. the director of national intelligence released several documents to show fisa court oversight of the spy program that sweeps up americans' phone records data. the government has acknowledged using a wider net than
Aug 13, 2013 4:30am EDT
. evidently they have some pretty good gasoline they're using there. >>> espn noun says texas a&m quarterback johnny manziel got paid $7,500 to sign items. that followed last week's report that the heisman trophy winner had four signing sessions. the ncaa is investigating if johnny football violated rules. >>> hugh darvish dominates in texas, a no hitter through seven inning pes.but then houston's carlos corporin gets a home run. the second time the astros spoiled a darvish game. the catcher even gets upset and thrown out. rangers, 2-1 in that one. >> rangers, still a great game. >>> on monday, the eighth, down by one in the ninth inning and alberto there hitting in two runs. they pulled the fat out of the fire. oakland over tornado, 5-1. >>> miami heat superstar lebron james, should he run for president of the nba players association, mara sfp. >> yes. >> he said no. >> flow. >> james evidently went through all the process. he was considering running for that job. reports say he decided against it after talking with advisers and fellow players. >>> i love this one. take it to fli
Aug 9, 2013 4:30am EDT
nice, dry day. minneapolis to chicago, much of the great lakes. we're still very hot in texas. in the southeast, we're going to have more typical afternoon variety storms out there. i'll have the weekend forecast coming up. but if you're in the southeast, probably not going to like me much. tease your national forecast. now here is a look at the weather outside your window. a lot of people are saying what happened to summer? where is summer? when is it going to feel like summer? in the southeast where it's been raining and cool much of the summer, that looks to continue this weekend. i apologize for that. still very hot, though, in the desert southwest. that heat wave we had three or four weeks ago seems like a long time now. >> it seems like every couple of years you have a summer that's a best. which i hate. >> you love it. you're in your glory for those three weeks. >>> what are you going to do. >>> a facebook murder confession complete with pictures. the president prepare toes meet the test and a sobriety test unlike anything we've seen. was he sober or just pretending? not pr
Aug 9, 2013 4:00am EDT
the center of the nation again today. >> right now, it's raining from texas to the northeast. and in missouri, rescue teams were out in full force, searching for friends and family members. here's abc's alex perez. >> reporter: it was a dramatic scene that had two tennessee parents in a panic. little lauren, rescued from her family's attic by firefighters. her father, in shock. >> next thing you know, we're in the attic, trying to get the baby upstairs. and it's hard. it's scary. you don't know what the water's going to do. so -- lose a home. >> reporter: firefighters wading through that chest-high water, clutching on to baby lauren's carrier to get her to safety. >> it was emotional. you know, you see your baby. and she's a newborn. how are you going to do this? what are you going to do to get us out? >> reporter: across the nashville area, swollen creeks caused flash flooding, forcing some to the safety of their roofs. and leaving cars floating on streets. rescue teams fanned out, fighting the fast-moving waters, to get people out. not just tennessee. from arkansas, to missouri, th
Aug 12, 2013 4:30am EDT
houston, texas but that is some relief from the triple digits. 79 in minneapolis. so we are still watching the areas in the plain states. also arkansas and missouri. tomorrow, they're going to get another round of rain. they've already had about 18 inches of rain since the beginning of august. >> oh, it's summertime. >> i know. >> thanks, dylan. >>> just ahead, we'll go to cairo and egyptian police vow to crack down on protesters. >>> plus, a 12-year-old gem of a find. we'll tell you what it is when "early today" returns. >>> welcome back. well, the state is set in egypt for a possible confrontation as early as this morning. tens of house to of supporters of egypt's ousted president are holding citizens in cairo. and they say they won't leave until mohamed morsi is reinstated. nbc is live in cairo. yousef, good morning. i understand that officials have issued a 24-hour warning. what happens next? >> reporter: well, veronica, nbc understands from a military source that no specific date has been set for either the army or the military or the police forces to beseeing the protes r pr
Aug 8, 2013 4:30am EDT
back. no one in texas will be saying we didn't have a summer. right now in dallas, we're on our streak of 100 degree days. we've seen eight in a row. when will it end? over the next five days, looks like we should hit a hundred. it will be close to a hundred all the way into monday of next week. an impressive streak of very hot weather there. the rest of the country, the big story is in kansas and missouri where the flooding continues. we will see numerous showers and storms today. it won't rain all day, but we will see a period of rain just about everywhere. >>> turning now to entertainment news, music superstar usher recently broke his silence following the near drowning of his 5-year-old son. in a statement, he thanks his family, medical staff and the two men he calls heros for rescuing his son from the family pool. the singer is in for another rough patch now that his ex-wife, tamika foster has reportedly filed for temporary custody of the former couple's two sons. >>> $1 million is apparently what caused bruce willis to be dropped from the expendable three. willis wanted $4
Aug 5, 2013 4:00am PDT
. did texas a&m's johnny football profit from autographs and merchandise. >>> plus, dramac video of an italian bride killed by a hit and run driver in california. >>> closing arguments in the trial of alleged mob boss whitey bulger. >>> and the 2013 nfl season officially under way. "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for monday, august 5th. >>> very good morning to you. i'm richard lui. americans at home and around the world remain on high alert after credible terror threats from al qaeda. many u.s. embassies and consulates remain closed. nbc white house correspondent kristen welker has the latest. >> reporter: back from camp david, president obama is getting the latest on the high alert. >> there's been an all of lot of chatter out there. chatter means conversation among terrorists about the planning that's going on. they're reminiscent of what we saw pre-9/11. >> reporter: according to two top u.s. officials, the terror plot could include one large attack or simultaneous attacks around the world, but the intelligence still isn't crystal clear. embas
Aug 7, 2013 4:00am PDT
in town. we have the big storm to the north and high pressure to the south of texas. i was able to find a few showers, they are approaching from the southeast, moving to the northwest. clip to medford and raining to the north on i-5 as you go throughout your morning drive. still warm in the pacific northwest and back to sunshine in the deserts. that's your national forecast, coast, like santa rosa at 69. >>> and it looks like the forecast doesn't change either. those poor people in missouri tomorrow morning are going to be talking about the same thing again. we need a change of the weather pattern. >> you work on that. >> i wish i had that power. >>> straight ahead, the story of a sinking ship and the man who actually gets to face his dog first before rescuing his wife. >>> plus, the donald is about to get his hands on one of washington's most historic landmarks. we're back after this. >>> a house of horrors where three young women were held for upwards of a decade is set to be demolished today. it's part of a plea deal that spared ariel castro the death penalty. jay gray is live i
Aug 21, 2013 4:00am PDT
president biden and other family members remain by his side in texas. >>> three hours from now army private bradley manning will learn his fate. the man behind the largest leak of classified documents in u.s. history could spend the rest of his life in prison. good morning to you and what can we expect at this morning's hearing? >> reporter: we know the hearing starts just three hours from now, 10:00 eastern time. we know bradley manning will find out how much of his life he'll spend in a military prison. what we're expecting is for the judge to come out and make a determination what she believes is the most fair. of course, the maximum is 90 years in prison is what he could get. he was convicted of leaking hundreds of thousands of classified documents to the secret sharing website, wikileaks. the intelligence analyst convicted in july, guilty of 20 criminal charges. now facing up to 90 years behind bars. he's already served three and a half of that. they are asking for a sentence of 60 years in jail, his attorney asking for leniency, 25 years. manning says he's sorry for his action
Aug 14, 2013 4:00am PDT
bigger in texas, it is said. the nfl's houston texans unveiled that, the world east largest indoor video screen. 53 feet high, 277 feet long. put that in the man cave, right? the cost, though, $16 million smackers. 15,000 square feet is what it gets you, though, of screen. you have to stack here if you had all that square feet, 1400 60-inch tvs to get what you see there. >>> jason dufner on the top of the world after winning the pga championship. he took his trophy to the empire state building. dufner's wife instagramed this. so much for people saying he was not very emotional. >>> just ahead for you, the life and times of the legendary ron burgundy will soon be revealed to all. >>> welcome back on this wednesday morning. if you're heading out the door, looks like your drive will be clear of any troublesome weather. we are going to look for clear skies. if you're driving near the fires, drive through some smoke, but that would be about it. 97, salt lake city, 82 in seattle. tomorrow, i mentioned the storm goes to the north, tries to drag through the front, couple clouds, showers, n
Aug 8, 2013 4:00am PDT
looked very proud. >>> to big plays in the little league. jacob garza and his corpus christi texas team win a spot in the little league world series. garza was pitch perfect and did not give up a single hit during the game. then hit a home run that give his team a 6-0 lead over new mexico. that kid is one to watch. >>> in st. louis, a gangnam-style dance-off that went intergalactic. during "star wars" night fans dressed as darth vader and storm troopers showing, yeah, the force is strong with those wielding a light sabre. >>> hear that? detroit bankrupt. that's what they were yelling. check out these fans at the detroit tigers and cleveland indians game. tied at the top of the ninth, let's go tigers cheers, they could not overcome the chants of detroit bankrupt. what a low blow. but detroit got the last laugh. oh, yeah, winning the game in the 14th inning, 6-5. good for them. >>> check this out -- most of us have athletes we admire, but usually from the sidelines. well, at a chelsea/real madrid game it was interrupted by a fan who ran on the field to hug and kiss cristiano ronaldo. the
Aug 6, 2013 4:00am PDT
water park in texas found an inventive way to keep their patrons cool. what's all that? they've created an ice dump. and bill karins, i don't know. i kind of like the heat. that's awfully cool. we're talking about, what, triple -- >> they wanted the cold water. have you ever been in a pool and you want the cold water? >> when you have all those people around you -- it's a great idea. two tons. wonton was about 2,000 pounds of ice. >> 104 yesterday in san antonio. >> i take that back then. >> some breaking weather news out of missouri. got a report. >>> severe flash flooding. a rescue boat from the waynesville fire department. you see waynesville in the middle of your screen on i-44. the rescue boat tipped over. the firefighters are in the water. now they are attempting to rescue the firefighters who are in this flash flood. so six inches of rain estimated as fallen in southern missouri just over the last 12 hours. and the weather pattern has been yielding a lot of heavy rain through kansas and missouri about the last week. and it's no surprise. saturated soil and thunderstorms t
Aug 9, 2013 4:00am PDT
. >>> the broncos versus the 49ers playing at quarterback, manning and kaepernick. former texas longhorn quarterback colt mccoy came in for the niners. he threw this beautiful long pass straight to denver's mike adams. interception. broncos win, 10-6. >>> finishing out the nfl game, the bengals made it look easy, beating the falcons, 34-10. >>> on to baseball, can someone hand the tigers a broom? detroit is on a 12-game hot streak. they swept the cleveland indians in just four games. next up for the tigers, a-rod and the yankees in new york tonight. >>> on to golf now, the 95th pga championship off to a great start for jim furyk. check out this long birdie putt on the 16th hole. will it get in there? yes, it will. he nails it. furyk shares the lead with adam scott. >>> miami heat star lebron james tweeted this selfie before going to court in ohio to serve jury duty. he wrote, time to serve my civic duty. good guy there. >>> they say timing is everything. look at that. celebrity surfer ramon navaro captured this video of a southern white whale and her calf swimming side by side.
Aug 27, 2013 4:00am PDT
health news for you -- one church in texas is at a tricky crossroads after an outbreak of the meeseles. the eagle mountain international church is being linked to at least 21 cases of the disease. it's the same church where leaders have warned against vaccines. they site the debunked theory that they cause autism. they are now hosting vaccination clinics to try to stop it from spreading. the senior pastor is now encouraging everyone to get vaccinated unless you have got it covered by faith. >> announcer: "early today" health is brought to you by vagisil ph balance wash. >>> let's get our business news now with jackie deangeles. >> president obama will likely name former treasure secretary larry summers as the next fed chairman in a few weeks. summers would replace ben bernanke who is expected to step down before his term ends in january. >>> starbucks ceo howard schultz says they won't follow in other companies' footsteps, cutting benefits. the law requires companies with more than 50 employees to provide coverage to those who work 30 hours or more per week. >>> mcdonald's adding chick
Aug 20, 2013 4:00am PDT
news in politico, ted cruz discovers, rejects canadian citizenship. the texas center learned that being born in calgary gives him canadian citizenship. he'll renounce his canadian citizenship arguing that he was a u.s. citizen at birth. >>> in the "boston globe," caroline kennedy's fortune as high as $275 million. caroline kennedy, daughter of president john f. kennedy, has revealed financial information for the first time. it's for her nomination to be ambassador to japan. kennedy filed documents that show her personal fort nun the hundreds of millions of dollars. >>> topping our news, the editor of british newspaper "the guardian" said the paper had the hard drives destroyed after publishing revelations from edward snowden. it was in an apparent attempt to keep details safe from chinese spies. glen greenwald says he will, quote, write much more aggressively than before about government snooping. that's after his partner david miranda was held for nine hours at london's heathrow airport on sunday. he went on to say, quote, i think they'll regret what they've done. >>> and justice
Aug 28, 2013 4:00am PDT
his other video. >>> check out the trailer from matthew mcconaughey's film. "texas buyers club." the sex symbol lost 47 pounds in three months for the role. very, very scrawny. >>> sentenced to 270 days in jail for assault and nations to michael buble and his wife who welcomed baby boy noah into the world. got to be a crooner. >> can you imagine the lullabies that baby is going to get sung. >> with the family. >> oh, for sure. >> i'm richard lui and we remember the 50th anniversary of the "i have a dream" speech on the washington mall there at the martin luther king memorial. >>> leading the news, the "new york times" has a great story for james harris, a dream fulfilled. he was 16 years old when watched dr. king's speech on tv. harris went on to become the nfl's first full time starting quarterback. >>> and in the "wall street journal," jitters over syria hit markets again. stock markets are taking a major hit around the world in anticipation of potential action in siria. >>> topping our news today, speaking of action, senior u.s. officials tell nbc news a three-day u.s.-led m
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20